Power & Distribution
Lighting & Lighting Design

With a tremendous amount of industrial experience, our electricians have installed supplies all the way from 630Amps three phase, down to controls that are triggered by only a few milliamps.

We’d strongly encourage discussions at the earliest stage of any project involving power distribution or refurbishments - designing and building a structured network of distribution and cable containment can create significant savings later in the project.  

Let us lay the electrical foundations.​

Our teams can run projects with the minimum of supervision, supported technically and operationally form the office; but equally we can fit in with main contractors and other allied trades.

We maintain state of the art design software to design wiring and circuit protection for sockets and industrial machines alike, for both single phase and three phase installations.  Additionally, using other design tools such as AutoCAD, we can co-ordinate our works with other project trades and your own team.

Whether you are a big builder, industrial manufacturer, commercial landlord or domestic  householder, we can deliver.

Whether it’s the most simple light fitting change, or if you need a full 3 Dimensional design, with AutoCAD layouts and energy calculations,we have the capabilities and experience to deliver.

What we don’t do, is make outlandish and indefensible claims but it is fact that: 

Good design = Better Lighting = Happier people = More productive people.   

LED Lighting saves energy when compared to more traditional forms of lighting, it should really be at the top of your energy efficiency agenda.

Plus, LED Lighting invites the clever use of controls to save even more energy, and reduce maintenance costs.


We constantly strive to keep ourselves both grounded and up to date with the latest technologies and design techniques. 

We don’t just throw in the cheapest 600*600 LED Panels – we

1.      Assess

2.      Involve

3.      Specify

4.      Install

5.      Commission.

Click the link below to find out more, or call 01476 590707 to discuss your lighting needs. 

Inspection & Testing
Data, Alarms & Systems

Naturally, any installation works we perform will be covered by an appropriate NICEIC Certificate, including Part P, issued on completion. We also offer periodic testing of existing installations and wiring.

Inspection need not be disruptive, our highly trained electricians work around you when compiling condition reports (EICRs).

We like to think that we take a thorough, but pragmatic approach to electrical inspection and testing, and firmly believe that planned programmes serve the best interests of the customer.

We are happy to work out of hours to minimise disruption to your supplies and activities, offering not only completed NICIEC certification, but also guidance on repairs, remedials and recommendations, should unfortunately there be things that need attention.

Please be aware , that unlike some, when we quote for electrical inspection and testing and other inspection works such as Fire Alarm, PAT & emergency lighting, we do so as a stand alone piece of work.  We do NOT quote cheap with hope/aim of finding something wrong, and we do NOT hold onto results afterwards as a pawn with which to negotiate repair costs.   

Our only motivation is to do it properly.

At Kirk & Crane we fully support the recent changes to the NICEIC’s Electrical Inspection Condition Report (EICR) forms that encourage dialogue and risk assessment between electrician and client, and are ready to take your enquiries on 01476 590707

Fire Alarms:

We do not design fire alarms – but we have vendor assessed experts in the field to offer us design services, we install their design and they commission and certify it.

Our designers are BAFE registered and members of the Fire Industry Association, and we are content that they offer us expert guidance and maintain a watching brief and react to changing regulations.

​Having such expertise on tap allows us to focus on producing a quality installation.


Structured Cabling, Data and Telephones:

Many years ago we developed our expertise in structured or data cabling as a direct reaction to experiences on a dado trunking office project - it just made sense to add the data cabling at the same time.

​Since then, we have continued to develop our skills in many different forms of structured cabling, including pre-terminated fibre.​

We fully support the IET bringing some aspects of data cabling into the Wiring Regulations, as power over Ethernet becomes more common, and regardless, we look forward to other data installers matching our standards for cable containment, with particular reference to the 17th Edition 3rd Amendment.


So for Cat5, Cat6, fibre, telephone, cabinets and switches, please call 01476 590707


Inspection & Testing
Repair & Maintenance

From a simple call out to a managed programme of maintenance we are always ready to be responsive.


As our long term customers will testify our focus is always to get you back working and we are definitely good people to know in a crisis. 

Whether it’s a breakdown, a circuit tripped, a flickering light or you need one of our industrial, commercial or domestic electricians, pick up the phone and dial 01476 590707

We maintain a huge network of suppliers and contacts from all over, and we'll do our best to get you back working again as soon as possible. 

That being said, circuit protection trips for a reason, if its tripped once,  we certainly recommend the cause is investigated prior leaving you in the dark.

Let us investigate the cause of a fire alarm false alarm, tripped circuit breaker or better still work to  prevent it in the first place by regular maintenance.

Alternatively if you want us to manage your lighting, lamp replacement and cleaning, we're happy to discuss this at your convenience.  

Managing lighting not only leads to a more efficient use of energy, but also creates a better overall impression of your business to both internal and external users.

Of course, a proactive programme of inspection and testing  can also significantly reduce the number of breakdowns in the first place, please call 01476 590707 and we'll work with you to put together a maintenance programme. 

Smart Systems & EV Charging

In 2017 there were 47,000 plug in cars registered in the UK and every graph of adoption of electric shows an upward trend – the number of available charging points are showing the same trend.


With advantageous VED and company car taxation, it’s easy to see why there is such a large take up both for private and corporate electric vehicle purchases.


At Kirk & Crane our electricians have been trained, and the company authorized by OLEV (Office for Low Emission Vehicles) to install EV points at homes and workplaces.

For domestic installations and workplace chargers grant funding may be available  in the first instance so please talk to us on 01476 590707 to discuss your needs.


Smart Controls.


First there was on/off.
Then timers, sensors, programmers and dimmers.
Now increasingly we are specifying and installing smart controls for heating lighting and building controls.

It’s a massively exciting growth field and applications for the technology are huge and of course the greater the control, the greater the opportunities to save energy and enhance the comfort of the space.You can be sure that we are keeping on top of these technologies and deploying them to customers across the region


To discuss smart controls including NEST , please give us a call on 01476 590707

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