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We call it AT - ditch the P

Updated: Feb 20, 2018

Portable Appliance testing is one of the many aspects of Electrical Inspection & Testing Services we offer, and for lower volumes we do it ourselves, for bigger projects we manage specialists on the customer's behalf.

Why manage? Well, imagine a heater, fed by a spur on the wall of your office.

Your fixed wiring electrical inspection tester will test to the spur.

Your Portable Appliance tester probably won't test it because to do so requires a safe isolation procedure, method statement, risk assessment and co-ordination with the client regarding an appropriate time to disconnect the circuit.

And its not just heaters, think extractors, fans, hoods, cookers, hobs, boilers, immersions, - in fact any Appliance that's hard wired via a spur or control box.

And that's why we manage the process.

And that's why we call it AT not PAT. We think the "Portable" is the tester, not the appliance!

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