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RCD - please test them!

Updated: Feb 20, 2018

BS7671 - known as "the wiring regs" call for greater and greater Residual Current Device (RCD) protection against electric shock.

If your installation is younger than about 2005, chances are there are some RCDs, and these might take the form of RCDs on sockets, as main switches on distribution boards, in stand alone enclosures or as combined Circuit Breaker RCD units known as RCBOs.

An RCD sits like an electrical see saw continually looking for an imbalance (fault) between the line (live) and neutral conductor of as little as 30 thousandths of an Amp, and if they see one, trip within thousandths of a second.

Regardless of type, each have a test button, and it is recommended that they are tested once a quarter:

and usually, the distribution board should have a sticker similar to this:

In our experience the quarterly test is often overlooked, and there is resistance to it because obviously as it disconnects the power, clocks will need resetting, computers switching back on etc. but we're sure that with good planning everyone can fit it in once a quarter.

The RCD really is an incredible device and makes your installation significantly safer - provided you can trust it to work in the event of a fault. Please test it so that you know it's ready.

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